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tv   Smerconish  CNN  March 30, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm michaeler conish in philadelphia, mid-april or possibly sooner, that's when they should see a redacted version of the mueller report. barr said his department was well along in making redactions with the assistance of the special counsel and that there are no plans to submit the report to the white house for a privileged review. he said everyone will soon be able to read it on their own. barr also offered to testify shortly after the report is released, suggesting may 1 for
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the senate committee and may 2 for the house in the. the democrats want the report released april 2nd. mueller released it last week followed by barr's own four page to congress which included 74 word from mueller. in the meantime, we have witnessed the largest inoculation effort since the eradication of polio. listen, i need your full attention. i'm going into the weeds on this. the president has aggressively attempted to conflate both the findings of mueller's report and the origin of the underlying russia investigation. according to barr, mueller found no collusion between the trump campaign and russian government. a clear and legitimate win for the president. but mueller reached no conclusion on obstruction of justice and it was barr along with deputy ag rod rosenstein who then said they found quote the evidence developed during the special counsel's investigation is not sufficient to establish that the president
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committed an obstruction of justice offense. that's not an exoneration. but the president has been treating it as such. at his rally thursday night in grand rapids, he said this. >> and after three years of lies and smears and slander, the russia hoax is finally dead. the collusion delusion is over. >> on the same day that the president spoke those words in michigan, the "new york times" broke the story that the mueller report, itself, exceeds 300 pages. the length of the report is something ag barr had not told congress in his four-page letter. as the "time's" pointed out that link suggests barr western beyond the bare report that he set out on obstruction of justice, barr told under the circumstances, quote, the special counsel states while this report does not committed a
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crime, it also does not exonerate him. this all suggests that if and when the public ever gets a look at the full mueller report, it won't be pleasant for the president. but by then he's hoping to have protected himself with his declarations that this is all about partisanship, not facts. at his first rally since the mueller conclusion, he said this. >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public which are dig lus bull [ bleep ]. >> it's not just the outcome of the mueller probe, which the president seeks to poison, it's the origin of the russian investigation, itself. on wednesday night, the president granted a 45-minute interview to sean hannity on fox news. >> how did it start? you had dirty cops, people that are bad fbi folks. i know so many, they're incredible people. but at the top they were not
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clean, to put it mildly. and what they did to our country was a terrible, terrible thing. >> who's the "they"? he later pointed to former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. >> i mean, mccabe, his wife got hundreds of thousands of dollars. he was running the fbi and running all sorts of the cases and his wife got hundreds of thousands of dollars from essentially clintons, from clinton's closest friendened and then he ruled so favorably. >> the president and hannity sought to spin the beginning of the russian investigation as the stuff of deep state conspiracy. as philip bump pointed out in the washington post, mccabe's wife ran for the virginia senate in 2017 and lost and received money from a pack of former mcauliffe and a number of other candidates. >> that election was over well
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before mccabe had any oversight into the investigation into hillary clinton also e-mails, much less the investigation into trump and russia. and then there was hannity. >> this is what we know that in august of 2016, we know bruce orr warned everybody at the doj and fbi that christopher steele hated you, that hillary clinton paid for the fossier, it was fought verified, still in october and three renewal application warrants approved they were told by the grassley grand memo, the bulk of information came from that phony dossier, andrew mccabe said, no dossier, no fisa warrant. >> sfwu has philip bump at the washington post points out, hannity is referring to a page of march 2017 as a voo an advisory, paige traveled to moscow and his trip was mentioned in a doosier of
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reports compiled by former british intelligence officer christopher steele, but that october 2016 warrant also had nothing to do with the launch of the investigation into possible collusion between trump's campaign and russia. >> that investigation is believed to have gun 2016 after the fbi was tipped off by another foreign diplomat, george pap lop lus, discussed incriminating e-mails in russia's possession. look, this is complicated stuff. it requires a much higher level of attentiveness than i fear most americans are willing to giver. but that's exactly what the president hopes for. the barr summary over the weekend, it was the vaccine. trump's response is the building of the immunity in the body and, therefore, the public, particularly the base that it not be infected by the bad news to come. it makes the bad stuff in the
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report seem like spin. rather genius, actually. but that's political bet with no margin for error. the president tried it out in grand rapids. remember, he won michigan by fewer than 11,000 votes. .2 of 1%. which leads me to this week's survey question, by the time the mueller report is released to the public, will its contents matter? go vote. results at the end of the hour. joining me to discuss philip bump of the wag post and rich rao from the market research firm engage us, the argument i hear from hannity is that the russia investigation is all fruit of a poisonous tree. it's the dodgy dossier. it's strzok, it's paige, it's mccabe. what was the defining event that really caused the beginning of the probe?
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>> so according to various reporting that we have seen over the course of the last year or two, the final event, the crystallizing moment was when this australian diplomat whose name was downer, his government informed the fbi after wikileaks started to dump documents in july, 2016. they said this guy george papadopoulos told downer the russians had these e-mails. we don't know if that's the case. that's when strzok launched the probe into conclusion. the fact that michael flynn had been to russia in 2017 and there was chatter apparently the british authorities tipped us off about that carter paige was on the if ib fib's radar in 2017, he was possibly season that flipped. the fbi talked to us in march, 2016. before all this began and paul manafort had longstanding ties to the russian government through his working ukrainian
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politics. there were all these factors that went into the fbi saying, hey, there is a lot of weird connections between trump's campaign and russia. apparently it was crystallized in july. there were lots of factors that went into this decision making. >> it's presented, though, by the president and sean hannity, wednesday night, i watched hannity's opening monologue at the end of that hour, i was ready to grab my own pitch fork and go after the deep state. the way it's weaved together with a piece of this and piece of that at the end it's compelling, but it overlooks a lot. that's my point. >> it's all cherry picked. they start with the conclusion this was a bad act. they work backwards to support that concollusion it doesn't stand p stand on its own. the nonsense about the fisa warrant in october against carter paige, not only was that well after the investigation begun, it was after paige left the campaign. he wasn't in the campaign
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anymore at the time this warrant was issued. so there are all these reasons, they focus on that because thigh like to focus on the dossier, they like to focus on the text messages between peter strzok and this woman lisa paige in which they do disparage president trump. what they have done is picked out those particular things and assembled a what i to talk about the genesis of this probe that is both inaccurate and probably intention ally dishonest, because what they're trying to do is say the entire probe itself wasn't valid. >> the president similarly says, hey, no collusion, and no obstruction. i'll give him his credit. there was a finding of no collusion, but there was no conclusion on obstruction by mueller. and yet i think it all gets conflated and in the public mind, i don't know if people are going to be able to sort it all out. >> it's a fair point. not to nit pick, but it's also not the case that barr or mueller said anything about collusion as a term. they talk about conspiracy.
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collusion doesn't mean anything, we don't need to go too far down that path. not only has trump though tried to use this barr letter as a way of saying we can ignore anything about obstruction and collusion and talked about all the other investigations they have launched, into the trump organization, the inauguration, the trump foundation, all the various things democrats are pushing on, now they're a majority in the house, he is saying none of that is legitimate, i have this letter from barr that shows i am clean, that is taking it well beyond the boundaries of what's fair. >> my argument here is only for an evidence-based conversation and then conclusion. by the way, i'm reading all y r stuff. i think that's where you are coming from. thank you. joining me now is the president of the market research firm engage us. he's an expert if swing voters, those who voted for obama and then went to trump. or romney and then went to
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clinton. he is conducting monthly focus groups in the upper mid-west and florida from now until the 2020 election. richard, yesterday, the first caller to my radio program after i discussed these events in a monologue, dan, from the villages in florida. when i took his call, he said to me, i'm just exhausted with all this stuff. i think he is probably typical of many. >> he's typical of many, but he's also not typical of a lot of other people. the folks i met in upper wisconsin were fascinating because they were not paying close attention to what was going on. they didn't know much about the mueller investigation, they knew nothing about the green new deal. i asked about it. . i heard crickets. i asked about medicare for all. i heard crickets. these are low information voters but they are swing voters. those of us play attention to tends to ignore. which is there are a lot of other people out there just are not paying close attention.
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for them it's local news, cats playing with yarn videos on facebook. that's where they get their news, we have to be mindful of the fact that not all america is getting information. >> low information does not mean low intelligence, right? these folks you are surveying, they're intem gent. they're not dialed in on this stuff? >> that's what's so fascinating, michael. these are folks who i had in my focus group. they had at least some college education, they were well spoken, intelligent. they live their lives. they've are not consumed by politics like the people watching fox, cnn, msnbc, reading the "wall street journal" and "new york times," most of america is not consumed by this stuff day in, day out. it's hard for us to forget that. that how they are. >> heartsre's a snippet from on our focus groups in appletop, wisconsin. >> we're all human, we make mistake, what are the consequences? we don't need to keep rubbing it
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in people's faces. >> rich, it makes me wonder when we see the full mueller report, will it even matter? >> i'm very doubtsful as to whether it will matter much at all. it will be a huge thempest in the tea pot for the people on the beltway and folks in the mid-west are concentrated on the economy whether they have a job up. in appletop, wisconsin their view of trump rose and fell with the economy. they're more supportive of him and his policies when the economy is doing well as it is now. some of them are feeling it. they told me if the economy turns, he's going down. so their feeling is tied into the economy. a lot of this other stuff is just noise. >> i think it's a good message not only for the public, it's a good message for those seeking the presidency. it's a good message for the media. i can tell you, i'm fixated on all of this mueller and barr business. and it's a wake-up call to hear
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from you that out in the country, there are a lot of people who are totally disengaged from it. richard, thank you for being here, rich thau, i thank you for your time. >> thank you, mike. . what are your 1240thoughts? i will read some responses throughout the course of the program. from facebook, i don't think it will matter in that it won't change anyone's mind. laurie, you are see the efforts at inoculations the president is involved in. i am not taking anything away from the no occlusion. i think that's good for the company. i don't want to think the president of the united states or his campaign clued with the russians. i think for so many of us now our opinions are baked in. we haven't even read the report. one more, if i've got time. 2.5 years for nothing. of course, people are exhausted. hey, dave, wait a minute. when you say for nothing, you are overlooking the 37
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individuals and entities indicted by mueller for screwing with our election. that's the part that's gotten lost in all of this in the no collusion finding, lets us not forget that russia screwed with our election. that's not to be overlooked and for that finding alone, the mueller probe has absolutely been worth it. remember, i want to know what you think, go to my website atmosphere answer this question, by the time the mueller report is released to the public, will its contents matter? up ahead, info war host george jones with the sandy hook massacre for completedly claiming it's a hoax. what's his defense? and the swearing in of the first muslim woman in pennsylvania started with a prayer, repeatedly invoking jesus, 13 times as a matter of fact. i'll is her, did it feel like a
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prayer or something else? >> thank you for this honor, jesus, jesus, god, jesus, god, i claim all these things in the power. mighty name of jesus, the one who at the name of jesus, every knee will bow and every tong will confess, jesus, that you are lord. >
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. the first everyone muslim woman to the state legislature was sworn in this week. the customary opening prayer that kicked offer the sex became a political lightning rods. about to be sworn in was states representative movita johnson harelle. including dozens of family muslims. everyone was delivered by a prayer by her soon to be colleague stephanie borowitz. she invoked lord and good six teams each. her message struck many as problematic. here to discuss is the representative and the president of the family research council tony perkins. i'd like to play an excerpt of the prayer for our audience and have you watch along with us. roll it. >> god for give us. jesus, we've lost sight of you. we've forgotten you, god, in our country. we're asking to you forgive us,
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jesus, god, i pray for our leaders, speaker turzai, leader cutler, governor wolf, president trump, that we are blessed because we stand by israel and we ask for the peace of jerusalem as you word says, god. we ask we not be overcome with evil with good in this land once again. >> i think that was about a 30-second excerpt of a prayer that was 90 or so seconds in length. as you watched, before you were sworn in, whoorp ywhat were you thinking? >> well, initially, i wasn't bothered by it because i have friends and family from different religious background and i'm used to going to church. i go to synagogue. initially i did not really know it was a problem until it continued and then i became very disheartened and i felt very disrespected. >> did you think it was directed at you? in other words, i'm not one who normally believes in
6:23 am
significance, did you think, it's my day to be sworn in as the first female muslim? why this particular prayer? or did you think it happened so? >> absolutely, michael. it did not just happen. it was intention am, it was deliberate and it was planned. >> have you thought through the consequences if you similarly had stood in that position reciting from the quran? >> i would have -- it was made to make me feel like i was not included in that space. but the people of the 190th legislative district invited me to be in that space. my presence i knew it would draw attention, would draw some criticism, especially with the pandering of white supremacy by mite white nationalism coming out of the white house, i knew i would have to engage in these conversations. i just did not know that members
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of the house would intentionally attempt to harm me and my family on the day that i was being sworn in. >> so your colleague representative borowitz is saying i can put it up on the screen, she will not apologize for praying. i don't think, representative, that she is being asked to apologize for praying. i mean, to me, i'll weigh in myself, i was raised by my parents to believe in a time and a place. this to me was not the time and place for that particular prayer, but you go ahead and react to her saying, hey, don't ask me to apologize for praying. >> so i did not ask for the trip to apologize. i think the rep has more of an apology to the constituents of the commonwealth. because we need to realize that the commonwealth is diverse in nature and that when we are aelected to represent, we are elected to represent every person in the commonwealth. not just particular groups of
6:25 am
people. >> so, how should these matters be handled? you just arrived in the legislature, but if i gave you the magic pen, what level of prayer and who's prayer is it are we going to permit to open a public session of the people's business? >> so we need to do one of two things, michael. we need to either make the clear divide between church and state by eliminating the prayer altogether or if there is going to be a prayer, we need to include everybody to participate even non-believers. >> so that's a subject of controversy, by the way, in pennsylvania. non-believers, speaker turzai does not permit them. he is being challenged in federal court, someone who is agnostic and has a good major, they wouldn't be permitted to speak in pennsylvania at present. right? >> right. so here we are back at the same conversation, michael. that we need to include in the
6:26 am
conversation everyone that lives in the commonwealth of pennsylvania that includes the non-believers as well. >> hey, before i let you go, representative, i want to make clear what you are not saying. you are not saying you can't stand in the well and refer to jesus? at some point between one reference and 13 lies where this should have been. true? >> true. also we need to recognize there is so much ignorance in the world and that a lot of people don't even realize how significant jesus is in islam. >> good luck with your new responsibilities and congratulations. >> thank you, michael. tony perkins is the president of the family research council. tony, what do you make of this? >> well, michael, i mean i know this is your home state of massachusetts. but we have associates there in the legislature as do other states. i think you mate i made reference to it's not uncommon for the name jesus to open there. i have opened the congress
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praying in jesus' name. i think the real story here, by the way, i want to make sure it's clear, that imam prayed in that ceremony as well, so there was a muslim prayer there invoking the name of allow. i think the real story here a country according to puig 70% identify as christian, 1% muslim, we have muslims holding office, we have muslim prayers in public. you know, i've asked you, michael, what country in which this 70% of the population is muslim do we afford christian or other religious minorities the same benefit? i think what's unique here is in america we can do this. i can tell you, i traveled the world meeting with leaders in muslim countries, advocating for religious freedom. i think we are actually undercutting our ability to promote religious freedom when we are sending a message that the religious majority has to
6:28 am
somehow be sequestered or silenced in order to allow the minority religions to notably -- >> but nobody is saying, c'mon, nobody is saying be sequestered or silent, i'm putting myself in a position. >> no, we're making a big deal of of this. >> i promise, you will be get to respond. i'm putting myself in the newly cemented legislature, surrounded by friends and family, with guard associated with their faith. i'm saying how would i feel if i'm watching state representative borowitz invoke jesus' name 13 times, there was something not right about that that was obsessive. >> are we saying, michael, we should dial back our public express of our faith because someone might be offended or not agree? >> yeah. >> i don't think that's what makes america work. >> ye, i am in this particular case i am. >> i think that what makes america work is the fact that the judeo christian foundation
6:29 am
of this country is the only one that allows a recognition of choice, where people can freely choose to believe or not believe, worship the way they want. if we uproot the tree, we lose the fruit. you can not point to another countries on the planet that allows the type of freedom that we allow in this country for 1% of the population. i celebrate the fact that we are a diverse country. but i in no way would in anyway suggest as christians we should have to dial back our faith or somehow hide it because someone might be offended by it. >> i'm not asking it to be hidden. i'm not asking it to be totally reigned in. i'm saying 13 times is too many. let me ask this question, there were 500 comments appended to "the washington post" coverage of this discussion and i read many of them, tony. and many folks' take away is to say this is why there shouldn't be any kind of a prayer that begins a public session. we really should have a separation of church and state. respond to that if you would.
6:30 am
>> look. we are a people of faith. you go back to the very beginning, our congress opens with prayer every day since benjamin frankly suggested it happen so that there could be a coming towing. look we are a country of faith, a judeo christian faith in this country. it again gives freedom to others to have religious freedom. we are the only countries that has the tolerance as we do. i think that's what should be celebrated, not the fact that someone is offended by the expression of our christian faith. >> tony, thanks for coming on. i appreciate it. >> michael, thank you for the invitation. >> by the way, no disrespect to tony, he was my second choice. state representative borowitz was my first choice. we invited her. she declined. what's come in, katherine? what do we have? smerconish those that attack this prayer are attempting to undermine speech-freedom due to personal manifesttations.
6:31 am
her expression of personal faith wasn't ice slam ophobic. i think it was in poor taste. there was no problem with representative borowitz on that day invoking the name of jesus. i have made that crystal clear. no sweat. 13 times? and in the well of a body of politic that says a non-believer, why can't a non-believer come in and encourage them all to nevertheless be morally grounded in how they approach the people's business? it was excessive. it was in poor taste. unlawful, no nobody is saying that. but it was too much. it's like potter stewart said, i know it when i see it. up ahead, today marks the 38th assassination attempt on the president ronald reagan. well, the man who shot them today is now 63 and living free in virginia. what's john hinckley's life like? plus, info wars host alex jones gave a video deposition
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. a form of psychosis, that's what info wars founder alex jones is saying caused him to believe events like the sandy hook massacre were staged. during a recent sworn deposition as part of a defamation lawsuit against him, jones said that the trauma of the media and corporations lying made him believe that everything was a conspiracy. >> and i, myself, i almost feel like a form of psychosis in the past where i thought everything was staged. now i'm learning some things
6:37 am
aren't staged so i think as a pundit and someone giving opinion that you know my opinions have been wrong, but they were never wrong consciously or to hurt people. >> you remember in the past, jones' divorce lawyer tried to sell the fact that his on air persona was just and act. according to jones, he was really trying to get at the truth. >> well, what i'm getting at is, this stuff we are looking at today, kids going if circles, schools closed, e-mails, emts not in the building, port joe, potties, these are journal zblichl this is punditry, i where a satire hat, reading news, just being a news reader, i do that as well, so i do a lot of things, but when i was covering sandy hook, i was genuinely trying to get to the truth of it. >> punditry, put aside the fact
6:38 am
that the reality of sandy hook is not an opinion, they're real victims, real families still struggling with grief. these media provocateurs like jones, they know passion sells, that's what this is all ability. they need people to pay attention to them, the best way to do that is to be shocking, many times with disregard and decency and good governance. it worked for jones, he made a pretty penny off the ideology carried on thousands of listeners, alex jones so persona is confirmation of everything i have been saying about the mostly men with microphones. namely that so much of it is total bs. the only people that i meet, that i see that i speak with who see the world entirely through conservative lenses or liberal lenses are talk radio hosts and personalities. for the rest of us, the issues are a mixed back, conservative on some, liberal on others. these media provocateurs like
6:39 am
jones, they present themselves out of the fringes balls they know this works. they are far more interested in looning their own pockets and getting people to watch their am talk radio programs and cable tv shows. the eight lawsuits he is facing, it may be a sign that his words are finally catching up with him. i want to remind you to make sure you are answering the survey question today. by the time the mueller report is released to the public, will its contents matter? still to come, 38 years ago today, ronald reagan survived an assassination attempt two months into his presidency. the man that shot him is now free and living in anonymity in virginia. we will hear how that came to past and what his life is like next. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself.
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38 years ago today, the president of the united states was shot and the person who fired the gun today is a free man. march 30, 1981, ronald reagan had only been president for two months as he exited the washington hilton following a speech 35-year-old john hinckley, jr., was waiting for the revolver and shot six teams, among the injured, a press secretary agent and john brady shot in the head and spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair. president reagan was shot by a bullet that ricochetted a off little seen. it lodged in his chest. hinckley was charged with the assassination, to the surprise, many found him not guilty by reason of insanity, his motive, he was obsessed with then teen
6:45 am
actress jody foster, in the movie, robert deniro's character comes close to committing assassination, after coming close to stalking her, hinckley decided the only way to impress her would be to kim the president. after the verdict, hinckley was confined to st. elizabeth hospital in walk. he remained for more than 34 years, doctors claim he is no longer a threat to himself or others. in september of 2016, john hinckley, jr., was released to live with his mother in williamsburg, virginia. today he is 63-years-old so what's his life like now? joining me now is dell quinton bill ger, he is the author of "raw hide down, the near assassination of ronald reagan." how does he intend his time? >> he's a free guy if williamsburg, he lives with his mom in a modest house on the golf course with his brother.
6:46 am
he got his driver's license and became the family chauffer. he has a lot of d. appointments, family appointments and runs an antique business in an antique mall. he's actually a busy guy. >> what can't he do? >> he's not allowed to go on the internet without pore mission. he's not allowed to travel beyond 75 miles from williamsburg without notice. and he's precluded also from like, he is an artist. one of the this i think so that has frustrated him the most over the last you know decade or so is that he sa songwriter. he plays music. he paints. he even takes a lot of photographs. but he can't display them with his name. he has to do it anonymously. now under the judge's most recent order, with the help of a therapist, he's allowed to do that anonymously to see what people think of his work. >> i think the guiding principle is he can't be perceived as
6:47 am
profiting based on this crime. >> exactly. and he has a narcissistic personally disorder too, they don't want anything to tricker that to make it worse. he can't engage, in exam, he would like to engage like most artists or musician would like to engage with their audience, what did you like about this, about that? in comments or whatever, he can't engage with those who see his wartwork, because of his narcissim and what you noted, he can't profit. he's not supposed to profit from this terrible crime he committed. >> has he met with any resistance as far as you know in the community where he resides? >> you know, over the years, people in williamsburg were quite concerned the former assassin or would be assassin was living in their neighborhood, their neck of the woods, but he has kept such a low key profile. when the judge gave him more freedom from his conditions of
6:48 am
release, even more frequently, he relied on the psychological report in which hinckley was interviewed by doctors. hinckley made a point of saying, hey, i keep a really low profile out here. everyone knows my name, no one really know what is i look like anymore. the number of people i interviewed, had no idea he lived in town, what he looked like. it took me three hours to find someone who remembered, knew what he was like and said, oh, he was very quiet. he opened the door for me, that's what i could find. >> was the reagan family, is the reagan family, are they cool with the lacksity with with i the system has treated him? i'm particularly interested, she's gone, of course in nancy reagan's i don't think on john hinckley, if you know? >> throughout the years, i interviewed act, secret service agents that protected nancy reagan. she had a secret service detail until she died. she was always asking questions about hinckley, where he was, what he was doing. you have to put yourself back in
6:49 am
1981, this was the worst day of nancy reagan's life, when my book came oul out, the agent that saved reagan's life not once but twice, he was with me. and first time years lighter, we were having dinner with nancy reagan and she turned to jerry and put her arm on his shoulder and said, jerry, thanks for giving me my life back. i swear to you, it was like it was still present for her. she still was reliving that day. so members of the reagan family are not happy about hinckley. the doctors who have examined -- hinckley is one of the most closely studied and they are convinced he's in remission, he is not a danger to himself and others. he is 63, has hypertension, obese, walks with a limp, has arthritis. i don't think he is going to be chasing anyone down as a 63-year-old guy. he obviously can't buy a
6:50 am
firearm. i think the world is probably safe from john hinckley. >> rawhide down, definitive account of the reagan assassination. we almost lost it, many of us didn't realize that at the time. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. still to come, your best and worst tweets and facebook comments. and the final result of the survey question. by the time the mueller report is released to the public, will its contents matter? go vote. my experience with usaa
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good morning to you. it is saturday, march 30th, 2019. so good to have you here. i am christi paul. >> i am victor blackwell. you're in the cnn "newsroom." president trump has a very strong message for mexico. stop migrants entering the u.s. or he is closing the border next week. >> this is not the first time the president threatened to shut down the border. he never actually followed through on the threat, but that does not mean he won't do it this time. >> meantime, today is beto o'rourke's big campaign kickoff. has three rallies in texas, el paso, houston, austin. all near the